What We Can Learn from the Philadelphia Eagles

If you’re from Philadelphia or have watched any second of the NFL this year, you know the Eagles have given our city a rollercoaster season. We kicked off the season in September as Super Bowl Champions and have landed ourselves back in the “underdog” spot in the playoffs race. I’ve watched every week (sometimes with one eye open) and ended each game with my mouth wide open in shock #DoinkDoink. I had to stop and think. . . there’s something here to learn from this crazy green team.

1. Get Hungry

In the first years of your career, even in the first decade, you’ve got to be roaring for experience, knowledge, money, achievement, and whatever success is in your own mind. The Eagles won their first-ever Superbowl in 2018, and not without years of failure, learnings, and hustle. When their time came to shine and score, they executed. Treat every day like your championship is on the way. . . get hungry for your goals.

2. Trust Yourself & Your Team

I get chills every time I hear Coach Doug Pederson recount the famous play that changed Philadelphia forever. . . Philly Philly. Quarterback Nick Foles and Pederson huddled for moments before the Eagles secured their spot as World Champions, but only after Foles offered an idea to try a creative and gutwrenching play — one that could have gone very wrong. Without hesitation, Pederson agreed to the risk that made all the difference.

Take a page from Foles’ book and trust yourself to follow your gut, your experience, and those around you. And if you’re a manager, give a nod to Pederson’s honest trust in Foles and the Eagles to execute and let your team make big decisions with trust. One moment of trust between individuals can lead to a ton of confetti, a trophy, and celebrations, right?!

3. Be the Underdog

The best part of your twenties, in my experience, is that no one (literally no one) is expecting you to be perfect and it’s an expectation that you’ve got a whole lot to learn.

Lean into it. Get hungry, trust yourself, and know you have obstacles ahead that will give you the chance to prove yourself.

4. Be a Teammate

There’s a love-hate relationship going on in Philadelphia with Carson Wentz. He struggled in the beginning of the season, became injured, and Foles entered the spotlight for the second year in a row. Those two players should write a book on how to endure the press, an entire city, and the best defensive players in the entire NFL each and every week with grace.

Wentz has watched Foles take the role of savior these last few weeks and he’s done so with quiet support from the sidelines. And Foles, the comeback kid, has carried Philadelphia into another playoff season in twelfth hour yet again.

Every dog (underdog pun, get it?!) has their day. Both QBs have shared moments of glory and failure, but as teammates. It’s important to remember to support your team members through glory and guts and keep your eye on the prize.

5. Love Your Fans

Philadelphia has passionate fans. . . I think that’s the nicest way to phrase that. In every interview with an Eagles player, they thank the enduring and evergreen support of their fans. Never forget those that have been alongside you all these years as you find your way in your career and life. They’re the ones in the stands on the day of your championship. And never forget to say “thanks”. . . it never gets old.